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What is Remedial Therapy? Some Information

February 4, 2019

There are various types of therapy based treatments for different types of disorders, disabilities, and impairments. The kind of therapy that a child would need will depend on age, medical and physical condition, ability, aptitude and impairments.

One such therapy is Remedial Therapy and it focuses on skill development in children. The therapy is effective in teaching life skills and enabling the children to become independent and capable of taking care of themselves to some extent.

Remedial therapies help improve the basics of the children. We use different Methodologies and integrate visual, auditory and kinesthetic aids in learning to maximize their learning potential. Chelana Jain, Clinical Psychologist, Founder Samadhan Goyam


Remedial therapy can be used in for teaching some of the following skills.

- Functional skills to teach about day-to-day activities.

- Gross and fine motor skills for sensory development.

- Language/vocabulary development for children with learning disorders, speech and language impairments.

- Social and behavior skills for children who face social challenges.

- Academics and functional academics for children with learning disorders, slow learners.

Remedial therapy is effective for children with disorders such as ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Children are taken through training sessions that may be conducted on a one-to-one basis or in groups. They are taught how to understand and follow instructions and form skills. Written, oral or visual instructions and activities are used to help children understand and learn various skills. Since every child is different and has unique abilities and symptoms, the therapy is also based on individual needs and aptitudes.

The learning is designed to prepare children for the future. The focus is on identifying the issues and working on them effectively.

When children with disorders are not able to perform age appropriate tasks that other children can, it causes emotional strain on them. Being compared with others can be degrading and damage their self-esteem.

Through skill learning, children can slowly become independent and capable of doing simple tasks. This can give a major boost to their confidence and improve their mental well-being making them happier and calmer.

"Remedial Therapy is to help children build a strong foundation to help them cope with their academic concerns. It helps children to be able to learn the language effectively and easily using different teaching aids and techniques", says Shivani Wadhwa, a counselling psychologist.

Therapies can only help children once their challenges are recognized. Early intervention is crucial to diagnose and get timely treatment for the children. Parents, family members, educators can play a major role in detecting issues by observing the children and their behavior. Age appropriate milestones can be used as markers to identify issues and experts can provide the accurate diagnoses.

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