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How they convinced their families - inclusive couples share their stories

February 28, 2019

Marriage is not just a bond between two people, it also brings two families together. When it comes people with disabilities and relationships, family support is perhaps even more crucial. Families of disabled people worry about whether they will find a supportive partner, who will regard them as equal. While families of non disabled people who are in relationships with disabled people have their own concerns.

We bring to you stories of inclusive partnerships, where couples talk about how they convinced their families and were able to overcome their concerns.

Taslim and Pradeep More

Pradeep More, a well-known disability rights activist in Maharashtra, is deaf and his wife Taslim, is a sign language interpreter. They started off as friends and their relationship later blossomed into love. When they announced their plans to marry, both their families had some worries.

"We were worried as Pradeep is deaf and their cultural backgrounds are different", says Pradeep's brother, Dr Sandeep More. "However, they were happy and in love and that meant a lot to us".

Taslim's father J D Shaikh feels proud of the couple. "Like all parents, I was concerned about my daughter's welfare. I decided to support Taslim and gave my consent and I am glad because it was the right decision. Today's generation is open minded and more mature and I realize that love and understanding can overcome all barriers".

Sarfaraz Ansari and Bhavna Sharma had known each other for years before they decided to spend their lives together. Bhavna has a physical disability and when Sarfaraz's mother first heard about his plans to marry her, she had some reservations.

" When my son told me that he wishes to marry a girl with disability, the family was not sure", says Shabnam Ansari, "but after we met Bhavna, our doubts melted away. We are very happy with the way their lives have turned out".

Bhavna's father, N M Sharma says, it was the best decision she made. "I feel blessed to see her happy in her married life. Sarfaraz is an educated man and we share a good bond".

Bhavesh and Jotsna Patel

Bhavesh and Jotsna got married in April 2018. They are visually impaired and met through a matrimonial meet up. Bhavesh's family was very supportive and happy about the match from the very beginning.

Harilal Patel, Bhavesh's brother is very happy and feel the couple are perfect for each other. He says, "We are thankful to my bhabhi, who helped us learn and talk in Marathi as language was the only challenge in beginning."

Jotsna's uncle, Ramesh Laxman Vanjiwale says, "Bhavesh and Jotsna have opened my mind. Now I feel that there are no barriers and obstacles that cannot be overcome by people with disabilities. Bhavesh and Jotsna are a source of positive energy in our lives and have helped us become a better family".

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