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OffBeat Carnival brings Sound Healing through Gongs

January 31, 2019

The pressures of life and daily living can lead to health issues and it is important to de-stress to re-boot the mind and heal the strains of the daily stresses.

One very effective method that can be used to heal body and mind is Gong Meditation, a concept that utilizes the power of sounds or frequencies to tune out the negativity within us.

Sound Therapy has been found to be effective in many health conditions like

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Sleeplessness

- Inflammation

- Recovery from physical injuries

- Relaxation

- Stress removal

Bringing these benefits to the public is OffBeat Carnival, which has been organizing sessions, which have been much liked by the participants. The best news is that these sessions are inclusive.

Their upcoming event in Delhi is an introductory workshop to sound healing through gongs. The session will be used to inform participants about the science behind sound vibration healing. There will be certified trainers present to guide participants.

Rakshit Malik, a student at St. Stephen's College in Delhi University, attended a session last year.

It was amazing to see how music, in its most mundane manifestation of sound, could be employed to relax the body, soothe the mind and calm the soul. As I was exposed to a range of sounds, each unique and emanating from a different instrument at a different instant, I experienced a blissful exit from worldliness and sought contentment in the momentary trance. - Rakshit Malik, President Enabling Unit, St. Stephen's College

Dr Shruti Jain, a spiritual healer and psychologist, believes the sessions energize the heart. "The gong bath energized my heart center beautifully and it was a wonderful healing experience".

The gongs used for the sessions are symbolic of the planets of the solar system and produce a specific frequency. These frequencies heal the body and mind.

To know more about the workshop Click Here

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