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#LovePossible - How Anitha knew Immanuel really loved her

In our series #LovePossible to celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day, NewzHook reader Anitha Immanuel shares her love story.

It was during their six-month-long engagement, when Immanuel would call her every single day, that convinced Anitha T he loved her. A conviction that has only strengthened in the 15 years that they have been married.

"I met Immanuel when I was 22 years old and what I love most is the way he takes care of me and the fact that he loves me so much", says Anita. "There were six months between the time the marriage was fixed and we tied the knot and in that time, he would call me all the time and tell me he missed me. He adjusts to my needs and understands my likes and dislikes".

A sub-divisional engineer with BSNL Limited in Puducherry, Anitha has 90% disability in both legs, the result of a polio attack when she was a year old. Her parents were determined not to let anything come in the way of her ambitions, be it academics or painting. Despite hostile attitudes from schools and in college, she successfully completed a degree in engineering and joined BSNL Ltd.

Her job has taken her to postings in cities far away from home, to places like Assam. When her parents asked her if she wanted to get married, Anitha was open to the idea and her grandmother found Immanuel.

"Loved her attitude"

Immanuel, who is not disabled, says he loved Anitha's positivity from the start, and that her disability was not a factor.

When I was in class 8, I met with a serious accident and the only one who came to my help was a man who was physically disabled. He rushed me to the hospital and got me admitted. No one else came forward because they did not want to risk a police case. He even organized blood for me. That opened my eyes towards people with disabilities. And when I met Anitha, I loved her attitude. She was so positive and supportive and always so motivating. She lifted my spirits.- P Immanuel, Entrepreneur

Immanuel's family was not supportive and the couple faced many taunts, even assaults, when they announced their decision to marry. "They said things like you are marrying her because you want someone to do household chores", recalls Immanuel. "They even assaulted my father-in-law over this and tried to make it difficult for us to go ahead. But I was determined not to end the relationship".

In the face of such negativity, Anitha and Immanuel did not give up. Today, the couple has two children and feel blessed to have each other.

"I don't think disability matters to lead a successful married life", says Anitha. 'What is needed is mutual understanding".

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