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Workshop on mutual fund investments for visually impaired people

February 8, 2019

Investing part of your income is a smart way of saving and building funds for the future life.

Many people including those with disabilities prefer to put their savings in bank accounts where a basic interest is added to the amount depending on the bank's policy.

This saving method is conservative and safe but does not result in a large increase in the amount saved.

For people who wish to make investments and see their money grow overtime various other options are available. One such investment method is through 'Mutual Funds-MF'.

However, due to lack of information about the various types of Mutual Fund investments, risks and accessibility barriers, most people stay away.

If you are a visually impaired person interested in understanding how Mutual Funds work, then here is an opportunity.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is organizing a workshop in Mumbai to educate people with visual impairments about mutual funds investments.

The SEBI is a regulatory body that ensures the interests of investors in India by keeping check on the malpractices involved in securities market.

- What are mutual funds?

- How can I invest?

- What are the risks involved?

- How much should I invest?

These are some of the questions that come to mind regarding Mutual Fund investments.

On 9 February, people with visual impairments can get answers to such questions and more such topics. SEBI officials will address the queries that prospective investors may have about Mutual Fund investments.

The purpose of this workshop is to make visually impaired people knowledge about the advantages of Mutual Fund investments. Also to make them aware about how they can take independent investment decisions and use the accessible investment facilities available. - Rahul Kelapure, Manager, Enforcement Directorate.

Kelapure also feels that as more and more visually impaired people start securing their future through investments, it will help in creation of a better and more inclusive capital market system. The feedback from visually impaired people can help improve the capital market in India.

It will motivate companies into making their investment products accessible for customers with various disabilities.

Also partnering with SEBI in the workshop is Parimala Bhat, Chairperson, Snehankit Helpline for Visually Impaired, which aims to empower the community with information in important aspects.

"Through this hands-on workshop on mutual funds, as well as a series of other such workshops, we aim to take a step forward by making them feel confident about handling their own finance."

To know more about the workshop Click Here

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