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Sabarimala temple board agrees to abide by Supreme Court order

February 7, 2019

The management of the Sabarimala temple has agreed to abide by the orders of Supreme Court regarding lifting of ban on entry of women aged between 10 and 50 years.

The TDB-Travancore Devaswom Board that manages the operations at the Sabarimala temple gave statement in this regard in the top court yesterday.

For years, restrictions were in place and women of menstruating age were not allowed to enter the temple.

In an order given in September 2018, Supreme Court had lifted the restrictions.

The board had vehemently opposed the order and this had led to widespread violence and agitations in the state of Kerala where the famous temple is located.

However, the latest developments show that the board seems to have accepted the order and has decided to let women of all ages enter the shrines without any opposition.

The communist led Kerala government had tried its best to ensure that the Supreme Court order was implemented despite statewide opposition from devotees and other political parties.

As per reports, so far two women below the age of 50 years have been able to enter the temple amid tight security.

Here are some reactions from social media users.

AncientMysteries‏ @INSANATAN tweeted,"Replying @rajalakshmij @girishalva and 9 others Sabarimala is ancient Indian Practice& For.Inspired Constitution doesnt have any clause to evaluate Ancient Indian Practices. So it should not even Constitutionally interfere"

Taranath Hegde‏ @HegdeTaranath wrote,"Replying to @rajalakshmij @girishalva and 9In Hindu culture every temple has it's own rituals.Each temple has it's own identity. There is vaishnava and shaiva methodology of doing pujas.We can't question that beacause it is the traditional rituals. #SanathanaDharma"

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