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Mumbai man wants to sue parents for giving birth to him

February 8, 2019

Raphael Samuel, a 27-year-old man from Mumbai is planning to sue his parents for giving birth to him without his permission. Samuel has made news around the world after news emerged that he is gping to take his parents to court for giving birth to him.

Samuel believes it is morally wrong of people to procreate as it only leads to misery and puts a burden on earth's resources. He is a believer of antinatalism, a school of thought that argues that human life is so full of pain that people should stop having children for reasons of compassion.

Samuel announced his decision on Facebook in a post saying that while he loves his parents, they gave birth to him for their own "joy and their pleasure." In an interview to a website, he also said that "introducing a child into a world that is suffering is wrong".

Samuel has also shared what his mother thinks of his plans.

I must admire my son's temerity to want to take his parents to court knowing both of us are lawyers. If Raphael could come up with a rational explanation as to how we could have sought his consent to be born, I will accept my fault. - Kavita Karnad Samuel

Many people have called him ungrateful and ridiculous, with some making jokes as well. "My parents should never complain about me not taking them anywhere. At least I'm not taking them to court", said Nitish Parab, while Lori Taylor from the United States said, "Birth is a gift of Love. My children made me very happy as well. Is there something wrong with that ? But. Good luck with dragging your poor parents through a court process that you'll lose. And then !! You have no one. Enjoy.

Samuel, however, is not bothered and continues to preach about antinatalism on his Facebook page, Nihilanand.

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