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Teen art prodigy Ansh's stunning watercolours show maturity, individuality

February 10, 2019

When Anshul Batra introduced art therapy to her son Ansh, little did she imagine the many doors it would open.

"Ansh was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old and is a slow learner", says Batra, an electrical engineer who gave up her job and did a course in special education to better support her son.

My husband, Jayant and I were totally unaware what autism was about and this was new to us. Ansh is verbal but finds it hard to understand and comprehend abstract concepts. He is good at cycling and swimming and over the years we introduced him to various activities, including art when he was about nine years old. - Anshul Batra, Special educator & parent

Ansh took to watercolours instantly, says Batra. The play of water and colour fascinated the child and he would spend hours absorbed in playing with different colours and water. His parents decided to enrol him in classes.

Ansh, who is now 12 years old, specializes in abstract art and has held two exhibitions. He also displays his work on Facebook on the site Ansh's Dream World. The paintings have been noticed on social media and there are now many buyers for his art. Among his fans is Gurugram-based Tanu Chauhan, who bought three paintings for her husband as a tenth anniversary gift. "I found his work on Facebook and the bright colours caught my eye instantly", says Chauhan. "I love how free flowing his thoughts are and when I see his paintings, it makes me feel positive".

Mahak Aseeja has three paintings by Ansh displayed at her home and office. "They are different from anything else I have seen", she says. "When I saw the art, it struck me as unique".

Ansh's work is spontaneous and he works according to his moods. He may not talk much, but the colours he uses indicate the mind space he is in. Red is his eternal favourite and mom Anshul knows he is doing good when there is red on the palette.

His parents are delighted by the response and are using the sales from his art for a fund to secure his future. "If he wants to make a future in art, we will be more than happy to support him in every way we can".

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