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Peranbu, a movie review - Guest column by A L Karpahaganesh

February 11, 2019

Our guest post this week is by A L Karpahaganesh, who works with a financial institution. Karpahaganesh, who has cerebral palsy, says the film does a good job with a realistic portrayal of a family coping with a child with a disability.

Life is all about facing complex situations which give each and every person the strength to carry forward. I had the same feeling until I watched the film Peranbu, starring Mammooty. I realized that the life we experience currently is the most blessed life, something the dialogues in the movie emphasize.

If you watch this movie you will understand the real meaning of this dialogue and it's intensity. We feel blessed and overwhelmed whatever and wherever we are, whether we are working for a long time without a promotion, or as a night watchman, or an auto driver.

To explain the story briefly, Peranbu tells the story of a father, Amudan, who tries to understand the struggles of his disabled daughter, Paapa. The film shows Amudan's journey, how he becomes a better man while he comes to terms with his child and her needs.

Peranbu starts off with a writer penning a novel which eventually leads into hard-hitting words about his daughter and how he tackles the various challenges that come up. The legendary Mammooty truly lives the part of father to a child with a physical disability.

Powerful cast

There are four to five scenes that bring tears to your eyes. Playing the part of the child is Sadhana, who puts up a remarkable performance. This film will speak to you and stay with you for a long time and deserves the national award.

Also worth mentioning is the character of a transgender mother played by transsexual actor Anjali Ameer. It adds greater depth and feeling to the film. Even the other minor characters play their part well and remain etched in your mind.

The visuals of the movie are simply stunning, they draw the viewer in so much so that you feel that you are a part of the film. Great cinematography by Theni Eshwar. The melodies are magical too. A special mention must be made of director Ram, who has captured the subtle nuances and moments in the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

Peranbu is a treat to watch given the portrayals of love between father and daughter, and between a transgender mother and daughter. I would call it love in its purest form.

Please do not miss a movie. It's a precious three hours that will be well spent.

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