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Para sports champs Neeraj & Sajesh make history, climb Karnataka’s 3rd highest peak

Disability should never come in the way of setting new milestones and conquering new world. Neeraj George and Sajesh Krishnan live that principle to the fullest.

George, a para badminton player from Kochi and Sajesh, Kerala's first blade runner, recently trekked to the highest point of Tadiandamol Peak, the third highest peak in Karnataka.

Located in Coorg, Tadiandamol is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the state and a trekker's paradise. Neeraj and Sajesh agreed to share their mind-blowing experience with NewzHook readers.

The bravehearts started their adventurous trek last Thursday morning around 10 AM and they had some great weather on their side. Neeraj is an experienced trekker with many successful expeditions under his belt, while Sajesh was making his first attempt. Neeraj used crutches to climb while Sajesh used his artificial limbs.

The visit was totally unplanned as Sajesh said.

This was one of the best experiences of my life. It was challenging but I am happy I did this. We did not really plan for this. Neeraj was visiting my hometown. So, we thought why not go on a trek, something that is challenging to do. The terrain was tough. So getting down was harder than climbing up. But I realized that life is all about taking up new challenges and making it successful. Every successful challenge must be an inspiration to take up new ones. I never thought I would climb this high peak. Thanks to Neeraj, he gave the right instructions since he was experienced. - Sajesh Krishnan, Blade runner

They now have the distinction of being the first disabled people to climb Tadiandamol Peak. The duo had company. A newly married couple were trying their luck with their first trek and they were planning to take stops but thanks to Neeraj and Sajesh's courageous words, they decided to continue to the highest point.

Their guide Simon warned them that the trek would be steep and dangerous, but the duo was determined.

"It is just that everything fell at the right time and at the right place. We took three hours to climb up and almost five hours to climb down because coming down was more dangerous and steeper. It was indeed a great experience. Since it was loose soil, it was slippery as well. Whether you are disabled or not, you cannot do this trek during rainy season. I believe you must choose your passion, stay happy and move forward. That is what facilitated me to take up the trek", says George.

Wise words that should inspire us all.

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