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Parenting corner- Managing stress

March 15, 2019

Being anxious about the wellbeing of children is a part of parenting. Parents help children to grow up and ensure that they become independent and capable of taking care of themselves.

For children with disabilities, the concern of parents stretches through their lives. Children with disabilities may not be able to care for themselves even in adulthood, thereby needing parents to remain caregivers for life.

Parents of children with disabilities worry constantly about the safety and wellbeing of disabled children. They worry about the future life of the children when they will not be alive anymore.

This constant concern can make the life of parents full of chronic stress and anxiety. Parents also over think about the condition of the child and tend to blame themselves.

Stress and anxiety are harmful for physical and mental health. They can lead to negativity and depression making life even more challenging.

In most cases, parents are not able to voice their concerns and are not able to relax and feel stress-free.

The main concern of parents is 'what after us', that is why they are always looking out for organizations who can help in settling their child. Further, another concern that parents have is social interaction. Their kids are not very social which acts as a barrier for them to get along with peers and communicate their feelings properly. - Prerna Sehgal, Founder The Coloured Zebra

Here are some ideas that can help parents cope with the stress.

  1. Do not blame yourself for the child's condition.

  2. Understand that you cannot control all aspects of life and worrying des not help.

  3. Pay attention to your own health and appearance.

  4. Spend time with friends or other parents.

  5. Go for walk or do a little exercise every day.

  6. Try and get enough rest.

  7. Use relaxation methods such as stretching, yoga, meditation or listening to music, anything that helps you feel fresh

  8. Join a parent's group or seek professional help if the stress is overwhelming. Do not keep the feelings tied up in yourself.

  9. Spend quality time with your partner and family whenever you can.

  10. Happiness can be found in smaller events and most definitely from within.

  11. Do not hesitate to seek help from others when you need.

  12. Take a break sometimes, get a massage, read a book, write down your thoughts.

  13. We all tend to become bitter at times and lose emotional balance. Do not feel guilty about feelings like that, rather accept them and work through them slowly.

  14. Be happy with yourself and the efforts you are making as a parent, and think positively.

"Taking care of a child with special needs is a full time job and brings nonstop worrying with it. As parents we should try and look for the positive things in life." - Reena Sharma parent

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