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Teacher & professional singer, Dixon’s love for music knows no boundaries

February 22, 2019

Based in Kochi, Kerala, Dixon Xavier's love for music began early. Even as a child, Dixon knew that music was his true calling and he was determined to cross all barriers to pursue his love.

Dixon, who happens to be a wheelchair user, pursued higher studies in music to become a music teacher at the Raksha School, one of Kerala's most renowned schools for disabled children.

Not just that, he is also a singer for a music band called Sahrudaya.

Dixon, who is now 37, was affected my muscular dystrophy as a child. His mom would sing songs to him that got him hooked to music. She nurtured his interest and he soon found his calling.

I have been learning Carnatic music since I was a child. All thanks to my mother who introduced me to music and realised that I have talents in the art. Today, I teach music to children with special needs. I also conduct music classes at home for children without any disabilities as well. Out of my 19 years of teaching music, I have realised that each child, whether they are disabled or not, has their own requirements and needs. Each of them is different.- Dixon Xavier, Singer & Teacher

Dixon was a student of Raksha School until class 10 and did his higher studies in Coimbatore. He came back to teach at Raksha and hope sto do something unique and exceptional for children with disabilities.

"Children with special needs are extremely talented and gifted. In fact, they learn quite fast. I want to do something exclusively for them, maybe start a music troupe. There are a lot of untapped talents that can be used well. It is just that they do not have the right platforms to showcase their skils", says Dixon.

An ardent fan of Yesudas, Dixon hopes to follow the legendary singer's footsteps. Dixon's wife and daughter are his biggest supporters. Hiw wife, Meenumol, works as a special educator.

"Earlier, when I used to go to perform, people used to look at me with sympathy but I just want people to accept me for my talents. Look at us just like how you would look anyone else", says Dixon.

His wife, lovingly called Meenu, says Dixon's charming personality is the most attractive feature about him.

"Dixon has never considered his disability a roadblock to chase his dreams and ambitions. I was definitely awe struck by his music. We are just like any other couple. In fact, when we go for functions, people look at us like a celebrity couple", adds Meenu.

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