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Parenting Corner – Some tips to cope with ADHD related challenges

February 22, 2019

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD affects the ability of a person to pay attention or focus on one thing for long.

ADHD is a brain disorder that also makes the person hyperactive and can impact their academic, social, personal and professional life.

Children with ADHD can find it hard to concentrate for long. This coupled with hyperactive behaviour makes it challenging for them to complete their tasks and focus.

Some basic behaviors and rules at home can help children cope with the disorder.

  1. The foremost step is taking care of the child's diet. Children with ADHD need to be kept away from sugar-infused food items and foods that cause reactions. Parents can observe the effects of various foods on their children and with help of experts form a diet plan that keeps the children healthy while also keeping their symptoms in check.

    "Parents need to control the diet of their children and keep them away from junk foods and sugary products", says Shivani Wadhwa, a counselling psychologist. "Also involve them in physical activities to keep them busy and use up their energy."

  2. Vitamins are also recommended to overcome certain deficiencies in their bodies. Parents can consult experts to work out what vitamins are good for their child. Magnesium, iron, Omega 3 are found to benefit the overall health.

  3. Praise the child even if there is no obvious reason to do so. This is a technique that helps improve self-esteem in all kids and makes them feel better. It also helps build a positive relationship between parents and children.

  4. Children with ADHD may not be on their best behaviour many times. But punish the child in a loving and consistent manner. Do not lose control over your temper or make sarcastic remarks. This will simply confuse the child and perhaps drive him or her to more rebellious behaviour.

  5. Keep the children busy to help them release pent up energy. One interesting way to do this could be to hand out responsibilities around the house to the children. You can decide on the chores depending on the age. It could be making their own beds, dusting their room, watering plants or helping you with kitchen tasks.

  6. Spend quality time whenever you can. Play with them or simply talk.

Rgeular conversations are important to keep communication channels open, say parents.

Communicating with a child that has ADHD is important. Forming a bond through conversation and keeping them involved helps them to learn to sit and listen. It helps them feel important and loved and also trains them in social interaction. - Manisha Jain, Parent to a child with ADHD.

  1. Role play is also a good method of making the children understand what you want them to learn. Show them how to behave nicely by behaving that way yourself. Be polite, talk slowly and encourage the child to copy and do the same. This will slowly help form good habits.

  2. It is also advisable to make the children wait and not get everything promptly. The children will show tantrums at first and eventually they will learn self-control.

  3. For some children, music is an effective way to keep them occupied and calm.

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