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Hyderabad-based center offers course in learning disabilities

Learning Difficulties impact the ability of a person to learn, write and study. Children with learning disabilities and impairments need to be taught through special training methods and techniques.

For teachers, educators and parents who have children with disabilities, knowing about learning disabilities and how to work with them is crucial.

Hyderabad-based organization Samadhan Goyam Child Development Center is trying to address some of those gaps through a course in learning disabilities.

The fifth batch of the course will start in April this year and will include both theory and practical sessions that will provide in-depth information about the needs of children. The course material is designed to cover basic and complex techniques needed for the education of children with disabilities.

The design claims to cover aspects of special education system and is divided into modules.

"The theory classes are very informative and the internship gives you the hands-on experience about the various topics being covered under learning disabilities", says Homerah, who is a former participant. "The instructors are adept in their work and it was a wonderful experience to have completed my special education course at this centre."

Here are of the topics that are important to understand special education needs of children with disabilities.

- Understanding Specific Learning Disability and their types.

- Learning about different learning styles of children.

- Assessment and limitations of children.

- Management strategies to keep the children involved in learning

- Understanding cognitive factors such as attention, memory, perception.

- Effective activities for special education.

- Patience remains the key to the process of educating children with disabilities.

Since every child is different, the speed of learning and effective technique will also vary. It is crucial for educators and parents to accept the limitations and abilities of the students. The same technique may not work on all students and improvisation may be needed depending on the child's abilities.

The course facilitators are extremely accommodating. The course itself is very effective for students and professionals looking for practical information and tools. - Padmanayaki Chelikani, Child Psychologist.

Samadhan Goyam Child Development Center has been bridging the gap between educators and students by providing effective training and guidance through the course. Upon completing the course, participants can opt to work in mainstream schools and remedial schools as special educators or remedial therapists. Parents can use the knowledge to help with the academic and overall growth of their children.

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