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#LovePossible Series - Couples that show the world the many faces of love

March 2, 2019

The world loves a love story and February is a month special to many of us because of Valentine's Day. Through the month, we celebrated love through the faces of different couples and their stories.

We started the series with Anitha and Immanuel from Pondicherry, who battled disapproval and even abuse from family members when they decided to marry, just because she is disabled. What Immanuel saw in Anitha was not her disability but her endless positivity, a quality he calls her "biggest strength".

When it came to Chennai couple Shalini and Visakan, it was his confidence that won Shalini over. Visakan is not a man who is defined by his disability and in Shalini he has a partner, who admires that about him.

A shared love for the same film song and a feeling of "click, click click" is what clinched matters when Satendra met Ranjeeta in Delhi. That heady feeling has been strengthened over the years by a deep respect and appreciation for the many ways in which they have enriched each other's lives.

They had no idea they would be partners for life while hanging out in school and college in Chennai and for Raghavi and Senthil a bond built over years flowered into marriage. Today they share a strong commitment towards bringing the joy and love they find in each other by encouraging inclusive marriages.

This story is truly filmy, much like the city this couple is based in, Manali. When artists Stanzen and Krishna met, Krishna had all but given up on love because of her disability. How Stanzen changed her mind and convinced her family is truly heart-warming.

Nafisa too had no plans to marry. Having spent a large part of her life as an independent, working woman in Mumbai, marriage was not on the cards. And then Nafisa met Parvez.

Equally cinematic, the story of Unni Maxx and Sreeparvathy from Koothattukulam, Kerala. So strong was her family's resistance to their union, that she ran away from home to be with him.

When it came to Guruprasad, Swarnalatha broke all the rules of the game. She proposed to him! Read this delightful story about a couple in Coimbatore, who refuse to back down in the face of any odds.

From Pathankot, Punjab comes the story of newlyweds Shilpa and Danish Mahajan. Married less than a year ago, they are setting serious couples goals.

When a partner is left disabled in an accident, how does it change the relationship? For the better or the worse? Shishir and Nisha were confronted with this question very soon into their marriage. How a sudden setback reaffirmed and strengthened their commitment towards each other is truly remarkable.

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