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A disability could not stop Nazreen from becoming an all rounder in arts & sports

Nazreen CJ dons many hats. A painter, photographer, sportswoman and artist, this 20 year old is exceptionally talented. Nazreen was born without a disability. But when she was one year old, she had a medical condition that left her deaf. But her disability never came in the way of chasing her passions. Nazreen, who hails from Kochi, is currently doing her under-graduation in Maths from St. Teresa's, a renowned girl's college in Kochi.

Nazreen's mother Noorjahan says that her daughter used to be depressed as a kid. Since she was admitted to a school for children without disabilities, Nazreen had a tough time coping with the place and people. That is when her parents introduced her to the Association for Deaf People where she met many other people with a similar disability. Nazreen met many talented and skilled people who were excelling in different fields and living independently. She realised that a disability is merely a challenge thrown at you.

Until two years of age, she did not talk and we never understood why. She was diagnosed that she was deaf at the age of two, but it was too late by then. We had financial constraints in providing her with the best treatment. But we started giving her therapies. Today, she can lip read and that is how she understands most of the things. As a kid, she used to be upset watching other children. But now, she isn't. Nazreen is busy pursuing her love for art-Noorjahan, Nazreen's mother

Nazreen loves sports too. She is being trained in badminton as well. She has already won many championships regionally. Now, she is training herself for national championships. Nazreen's mother says that her daughter's skills and talents are nurtured best at her college.

"After she joined college is when she started pursuing arts and sport seriously. She gets a lot of ample support from her teachers and friends too", says Noorjahan.

Nazreen has won national championships for photography. Her parents could not afford to send her for specialised training classes in arts and sports. But Nazreen found her own ways to chase her dreams. Noorjahan says that her family is proud of what Nazreen has achieved at such a young age.

"Nazreen has never complained. She is such an understanding and bright child. I decided to not go for a job because I wanted to stay at home and be there for her. I have met many parents of disabled kids who sideline and marginalize them, especially if they have another kid without a disability. For any child, their parents and family must be their biggest support. I ensured that Nazreen interacts and mingles with children who do not have any disabilities. She needs to learn how to live in this world where there are so many kinds of people. As a mother of a deaf child, there are many incidents that have made me sad. But all these incidents have only made us stronger. I encourage my child to follow her dreams", says Noorjahan.

For Nazreen's twin sisters, she is their best friend. They are the ones who accompany her to art festivals and tournaments. One of them Jasmine, is excited when she talks about her younger sister.

"We want nothing lesser than the best for Nazreen. She is such a talented girl. That is why we are supportive of her in whatever she does. We hope she reaches bigger heights", says Jasmine.

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