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Experts claim music therapy helps enhance critical skills in children with autism

Music relieves us from stress, makes us feel better and enhances our mood. Who doesn't love to hear music after a tiring day? Music therapy is one of the most ideal stress relievers, whether you are a disabled person or not. For children with autism, music does the wonders. Over the years, researchers and experts have conducted various studies that stresses on the importance of music in lives of children with autism.

Music supports the emotional, cognitive and social development of a child. It also helps in improving communication skill and memory. Since children with autism lack social and communication skills, music therapy has a lot of benefits. Meanwhile, one must also note that the autism spectrum disorder is wide and the requirement of every child is different.

Griva Shah, co-founder of Pearl Special Needs Foundation, says music therapy is sued extensively in her school.

Apart from creating calmness, it enhances listening skills. The child also learns to develop interest in things and catching the rhythm also helps them. It improves eye-hand coordination and musical intelligence as well. In fact, when we introduce them to music, we identify talented singers too. Some of them play instruments really well. So it is more or less like identifying hidden talents. - Griva Shah, Co-founder, Pearl Special Needs Foundation

Experts point out that music therapy is ideal for children with autism because music has the ability to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain. The therapist can use the instrument or a song in order to enhance cognitive activity that helps in improving communication skills and self-awareness. Since children with autism are not great at interacting with others, introducing them to an instrument or a particular song will help them to bond with it in a great way. Slowly and gradually, it also helps them to interact with other people as well. Moreover, music is fun and helps to reduce anxiety to a large extent.

Janavi Ananth, a movement therapist, from Bengaluru, uses music therapy for children with developmental disorders including autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

"I have noticed that rhythm plays a crucial role for children with developmental disorders. For instance, there is a rhythm that is followed for even brushing your teeth or taking a bath. When children with autism are introduced to rhythm through music, they are able to do day to day skills with ease. Music also helps them in settlement, focus and attention", says Ananth.

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