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Don't let headphones damage your ears, says experts

We live in times where headphones are an inevitable part of our lives. We listen to songs, watch movies and even have conversations over the phone with headphones. Health experts have pointed out that headphones can have a deep damaging effect to our ears which can even lead to hearing loss. Recently, United Nations came up with a study pointing out that almost one billion people are at a hearing loss due to various reasons. One of them is excessive usage of head phones. But youngsters still use them and it is high time to reduce its usage. Clearly, constant use of the device is not helping.

What is even more alarming is that most people listen to headphones with maximum volumes. These dangerously high levels of volume can affect your hearing as well as functioning of the body. Experts point out that it is best to hear with minimal volumes. If you really want some loud music to suit your taste, listen at 80% and not more than that. 80 decibels is the internationally accepted safe level of volume, especially for headphones.

Dr Saju KG is an ENT specialist from Kochi. According to Dr Saju, the ideal thing to do is never listen to head phones constantly.

Earlier, we used to get cases of older people who are above 70 years of age having hearing loss. But now, youngsters who are 40 years of age have hearing loss due to various reasons. Excessive usage of head phones is definitely one amongst it. When you hear to music excessively through head phones, one part of your nerves gets completely damaged. It does not really matter whether you use head phones of high quality or not-Dr Saju KG, ENT Specialist

One of the best features about smart phones is that they have warning signs that shows that the user has put volume to hazardous levels. This is applicable to all prominent phones including Samsung, IPhone and even Huawei devices. Undoubtedly, this is a great initiative to make people aware of how to control volume.

26 year old Sajith Shajan from Kochi is a regular user of earphones. He watches TV shows and movies and even listens to songs on his headphones. After a pounding headache, he consulted the doctor who warned him of excessive usage of headphones.

"I use headphones at least for three to four hours a day, including to watch movies and listen to music. I never realised the harmful effects of it until recently. I visited the doctor due to headache and what he told gave me a shock. He warned me of excessive usage of headphones. According to him, it is high time to curb my usage of headphones or else he warned me of being a victim to hearing problem called Tinnitus. I have a lot of friends who use headphones regularly. I warned them of the same", says Shajan.

Everything in right dosages are definitely good. But excessive usage of anything can do more of damage than good. It is high time that our youngsters realise it and start using headphones with care.

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