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Productivity tips for people with ADHD

March 10, 2019

A child with ADHD finds it harder to focus on tasks, tends to get distracted easily and can be disorganised. These are traits that can be overcome with the right therapy, say experts.

There is no arguing with the fact that early intervention helps children with ADHD develop their skills and overcome many of the signs associated with the disorder. There are many schools with special educators and skilled trainers who can give them the right guidance.

Subhashini Rao, co-founder, Sankalp Special School a school in Chennai that reaches out to children with disabilities says catching them young makes all the difference.

Children with ADHD must be caught at young age to develop their skills because they need to learn to do things in a structured way. They need a lot of exercise and outdoor activities. It is essential for their physical and mental well-being. Their senses are always active. Parents and caregivers must understand that and help them accordingly. - Subhashini Rao, Co-founder, Sankalp Special School

So, if you are a person with a ADHD, what can you do to ensure maximum productivity?

  • Stay focused - Avoid multitasking. Staying focused on what needs to be done gets the job done better. Forget other things that need to be done. Prioritizing is very important.
  • Avoid delaying things - Don't put things off when they can be done right now. This way you can stop work from piling up. If you are working on a project, complete the smaller parts before getting to the tougher ones. Honestly, this works well.
  • Time matters - Are you struggling to get your work done on time? Do not worry. A timer will come to your rescue. In case you are at work, you can take occasional breaks with the help of your timer. It will help you to increase your productivity and get better control on how you spend your time.
  • Connect with the right people - Working at a place with different kinds of people can be a challenge for someone with ADHD. Chances of feeling irritated or annoyed are high. Try and bond with supportive colleagues. Some people do not understand what ADHD is or what the requirements of a person with ADHD is. Try and make them understand. If they still do not get you, it is best to stay away from such people.

Shiny Vinson, principal of Navajeevan Special School in Kochi, says it's best not to try and control people with ADHD as they are hyperactive. "Let them choose what they love doing best. But make sure that they are taught things from a very young age. That is ideal for them", she says.

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