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Sports has many benefits for amputees, so go for it, say experts

According to experts, sports are the ideal way for amputees to always have a healthy mind and body. But it is always best to consult an expert or trainer to know which is the ideal sport to follow according to your height and weight.

There are many para athletes in India showcasing their talents on multiple national and international platforms. All of them have gotten this far with rigorous practice and training. Whether you are a disabled person or not, sports is important to keep your body and mind fit and healthy.

For amputees, there are numerous options when it comes to sports. Using advanced artificial limbs, amputees can excel at any sport, says Sajesh Krishnan. Krishnan, Kerala's first blade runner, runs marathons and is so passionate about sport that he quit his job to pursue it full-time.

A disability is something that affects only your body and not your mind. Most of the disabled people feel that they cannot do things or achieve anything because they structure their mind accordingly. We are capable of doing anything under the sun. In fact, when you have an amputation below the knee, it is not really difficult to lead a normal life. I run every day to make sure that I stay fit and also because it gives me a lot of will power. -Sajesh Krishnan, Blade Runner

Krishnan says it is critical for amputees to stay fit and maintain their body weight because of the make of prosthetic limbs.

"Your limbs are made according to your body height and weight. Recently, I gained weight and it was difficult for me to even walk around. So I did not have a choice but to cut down. Apart from running, I do other exercises. To burn fat, running alone doesn't help", says Krishnan.

Sports also helps reduce stress and ensures a good night's sleep. It lifts your mood and self-confidence and it's a great way to meet new people. However do consult an expert or trainer to know which is the ideal sport to follow according to your height and weight.

Pradeep Krishnan, a gym Instructor at FitCochin Gym in Kochi, trains people with disabilities as well.

"Unlike earlier times, now there are many machines and equipment for amputees. So they really do not have to put pressure on their legs. If you plan to hit the gym, you can do sitting work outs that helps to burn fat, says Krishnan.

For those not into gyms, Krishnan urges simple workouts at home. As he says, "staying fit is important for a healthy mind and body".

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