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Learning will be fun at this inclusive summer camp

March 26, 2019

Playing is an important part of childhood, vital for fun and learning. Some time dedicated to play everyday is just what doctors and experts order for the growth and development of children, mentally and physically

Games involve activities that are both constructive and destructive. Both are crucial for learning and stimulating the brain. Children break open their toys and then re-assemble them, which is important for motor skills.

Considering the importance of play time in the life of children, Bengaluru-based organization Samam Vidya is starting an inclusive summer fun camp in April. The camp is being held in collaboration with Tinkerama, an initiative that promotes creativity by designing electronics and coding based toys.

Smitha Pisupati, Founder of Tinkerama, has a passion for engineering and innovations. "I think enabling children to think, innovate and create is a huge part of their development. We are aiming to keep the children stimulated and happy by combining toys with learning", she says

Together, Tinkerama and Samam Vidya aim to help children learn about inclusion, acceptance and disabilities in a fun way.

Padma Shastry, Founder-Director, Samam Vidya, says there are a number of activities planned at the camp.

Participants will play adapted versions of popular games like Uno, Bingo and other card games. These games will acquaint players with various aspects of diversity and disabilities in our society. There is no teaching; all learning will happen only through playing games, developed by Samam Vidya and NGO Trinayani. - Padma Shastry, Founder- Director Samam Vidya

Some other activities include inclusive fun games, making a toy car, taking apart toys and learning to reassemble them.

To know more about the workshop Click Here

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