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An ardent poet & writer, Vinayana’s love for literature is limitless

Just 25 years old, Vinayana Khurana has already published a book on love, relationships and disability. The book, titled, Vinayana's World, looks at relationships through the lens of disability, an issue close to her heart.

Vinayana, who has cerebral palsy, has never let disability act a roadblock in following her dreams. She has a masters degree in English Literature from Delhi University and recently passed her National Eligibility Test (NET) successfully. She is convinced her heart lies in literature.

Vinayana's tryst with literature began in class 8. Her grandfather had just passed away and she was struggling to cope with the loss. She was also suffering from disability-related complications. Vinayana's mother handed her a mobile phone and that changed her life and led her into the world of poetry

As a child, I remember myself to be an avid reader. I loved to read detective novels of Nancy Drew and novels by Enid Blyton. I was literally around books all the time. Maybe, that is why I decided to pursue my studies also in literature. My first book was a set of poems. But this book is really not worthy of reading right now because I believe that my works are more mature now. -Vinayana Khurana, Author

This youngster does not believe in having just one role model because everyone out there is talented and skilled in some way or the other. She says that she likes certain traits in every person that she meets.

Vinayana recently discovered a passion for photography as well. She likes to explore new interests like music and painting and has the constant support of her mother, father and brother.

"I have not really planned for my future. I would rather go with the flow. I want to tell youth of my country that our time is here, right now. Do not give up on any challenges. There is nothing that you cannot overcome. Life is amazing. It might take away certain smaller happiness to give us bigger ones. But we usually cry about what we have lost. Work hard in life, says Vinayana.

Chhavi Bansal, Vinayana's best friend from school believes that Vinayana is a true fighter and someone youngsters need to be inspired from.

"I met Vinayana when we were in class 2. We were studying in an inclusive school so we used to help each other in all possible ways. The first thing I noticed about her is that she always smiles. Vinayana has ensured that her disability does not stop her from doing things. That indicates how strong she is. Just like all of us, there are many things that bother her. But she never shows them and has a smiling face. She tells it is very disturbing to see society's attitude towards disabled people. Like she always says, it is high time people look at a person beyond their disability, says Bansal.

"I have never considered my child to be someone with a disability. Even during her childhood, I used to make sure that she does not miss any physiotherapy sessions. Basically, it was never made to look like a tedious task for her. Both of us enjoyed the process. I also made sure that she plays and spends time with other children. Even those children were co-operative by adjusting games to suit Vinayana' requirements. I encouraged her to study. Parents must always be positive. Every human being has to cross hurdles. Look at the brighter side and move on, says Neerja Sharma Khurana, Vinayana's mother.

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