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Self taught musical genius Alvin Jerson proves that autism no barrier

April 1, 2019

Alvin Jerson was just four months old when his mother Sindhu noticed his interest in music. He wouldn't sleep or even eat his food unless there was some music playing.

Around the time Alvin was two years old, Sindhu also started noticing that he was different from other children his age. A visit to the doctor led to him being diagnosed with autism. This was the first time Sindhu had even heard of the disorder but she was unfazed and decided she would give her son nothing but support and encouragement.

Since music was his one big passion, Sindhu enrolled him in formal music lessons. But Alvin could not sit for long and would get easily irritated so she stopped them. But when you listen to him sing at music competitions, it is hard to believe that Alvin is untrained.

When you hear Alvin sing, you wouldn’t believe that he is not a trained singer. He always had music in him. In fact, he doesn’t want to do anything else but sing songs as much as he can. He loves songs from early 80’s and 90’s. Alvin doesn’t interact much or does not have many friends. His whole life revolves around music. Since trying to teach him music did not work, Alvin has been pursuing it on his own. He records songs and learns by himself. His passion for this art is limitless -Sindhu Jerson, Alvin's mother

Apart from music, Alvin loves to play video games, and he is quite a pro at it. Sindhu says he is quite impossible to beat. But that's a side few get to see as he is reserved by nature and prefers to mingle with close family members.

“Maybe that is how his character is. But we do not impose anything on him. When he was hardly three years old, he used to write names of Malayalam movies in unique and creative ways. We had not even taught him to read and write during that time! Alvin was in a normal school until fourth standard. Things were difficult but I was confident of my son. I taught him day to day skills that he needs to learn. I have stood with him throughout so that he always had a hand to hold to”, says Sindhu.

Sindhu and her husband Jerson believe that Alvin is going to follow his passion for music and take it up professionally. The principal of Navjeevan School, where he studies, calls this determined and courageous youngster a true inspiration for others.

“I am glad that his family is very supportive of him", says Vinson. "He does not like sitting somewhere for a long time. He gets restless and wants to move around. In spite of all that, Alvin is gearing up to write his computer and Malayalam paper for the upcoming exams".

Clearly this youngster is blessed with a determined and persistent spirit that is bound to take him places.

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