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Kerala outraged over child's murder by mother's friend

April 8, 2019

It's a story that's been making headlines in Kerala for over a week now. The brutal assault suffered by a seven-year-old by his mother's lover has horrified people across the state. The child was beaten so badly that he suffered brain injuries and died in hospital.

The accused, Arun Anand, is in police custody for one week now. The child, who was ventilator support, finally succumbed. He was attacked on 28 March by Anand, who was drunk. Anand thrashed the child and hit his head on the floor repeatedly, leading to the skull cracking in places.

When Anand and the child's mother went to the hospital, they lied saying that he fell accidentally. But doctors saw the injuries and got suspicious. They informed the police, who interviewed the child's younger brother. The four-year-old revealed what actually happened. CCTV footage shows that Anand and the child's mother delayed treatment by arguing with police and hospital authorities.

According to the police, the mother of the seven-year-old boy rushed to the local hospital early Thursday stating that her son had injured himself in a fall. However, the doctor on duty realised that the child had sustained severe brain damage and counted several blunt force injuries on his body. He refused to take the parental account of the child's injuries at face value. X-ray interpretation-based medical detective work convinced the doctor that somebody had severely battered the child. He alerted the police. - Anand Gopinathan, Journalist

Anand has almost seven cases against him and is known as Cobra. He is a notorious criminal from Thiruvananthapuram and police say he was also sexually assaulting the two boys with the mother's knowledge.

The victim's father, who ran a workshop, died of a heart attack last year. After this, the mother started living with Anand. The police are also probing whether Anand murdered the husband.

The case has created outrage among people in the state who are taking to social media to express their sadness.

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