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Developmental disorders can now be diagnosed from home, thanks to this app developed by AIIMS

In our series #TechThursdays, we bring you news about PedNeuroAiimsDiagnostics, a mobile application, that can diagnose Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), neuromotor impairment, autism and epilepsy in children.

When Suba Rajesh's son Ritwik was diagnosed with autism almost 17 years back, he was two years old. At the time, the importance of early diagnosis and intervention in the case of developmental disorders was not so well known. Today, things are different. There is more awareness and the good news is that there is now a mobile app so parents can detect signs of ADHD, autism, neuromotor impairment and epilepsy.

Developed by doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the app which is called PedNeuroAiimsDiagnostics can detect developmental disorders in children between the ages of one to 14 years old, although the earlier the better so the child can start undergoing the therapy needed so they become independent. It also helps improve social interaction, language and communication skills.

Dr Binu Kuttan PV, a Kerala-based pediatrician, says that while such an app that helps parents diagnose from home is great, parents must approach specialists to know more about their child's disability.

When parents bring their children with developmental disorders to pediatricians, we can only identify the changes in a child's behaviour. When we understand that the child does not complete certain milestones, then we suggest to parents to take them to specialists who can diagnose and evaluate it better. PedNeuroAiimsDiagnostics is a great tool for screening. But eventually, parents have to take their children to specialists once they are diagnosed with a disability. - Dr Binu Kuttan PV, Paediatrician

When it comes to autism, there are no medical tests that can confirm that the child has the developmental disorder. It can be identified only from the character, mannerisms and behaviour of the child. PedNeuroAiimsDiagnostics can help confirm it for parents.

Rajesh is happy that such an app is now available so others can benefit.

"When I had my son 17 years back, there was no much awareness about autism. I had to read many books and understand what this developmental disorder was all about. Nowadays, more parents are aware and therapies and special education are gaining popularity. It is great to know that doctors and professionals are trying to solutions, this is truly welcome", says Rajesh.

PedNeuroAiimsDiagnostics has various tools that help parents detect if their children have any of these developmental disorders. All they have to do is download the app.

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