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Karnataka candidate Ramanjinappa has an inclusive mission

With voting in Kolar, Karnataka, barely 24 hours away, Ramanjinappa R is an anxious man. He is making his debut in the politics from this prestigious seat and if the first candidate with an disability in this constituency.

Ramanji, as he is popularly known, is a candidate for Uttama Prajaakeeya Party (UPP). Born and brought up in Kolar, Ramanji left a well paying job in Bengaluru to throw his hat in the ring as he wants to help out the community. Inspired by an interview with UPP founder Upendra, he decided to join the party.

What attracted me towards UPP was their simplicity. Until then I had never really thought about politics though I was keen on helping other people. Moreover, politics has turned out to be a business that reaches out only to the rich and elite. Poor people are sidelined and they are remembered only during elections when their votes matter. Our party aims to bridge that gap and work together with poor people by giving them a chance. We want party members who can work for people and believes in our ideologies. -Ramanjinappa R, Lok Sabha Candidate, Kolar

Ramanji is an integral part of the well known organization Divyang Myithiri Sports Academy that trains wheelchair cricket aspirants. Apart from his family, he counts upon the members of this organization for support. If elected, Ramanji has promised to work at finding a solution to the water crisis in Kolar. Water scarcity is a major problem here, something previous governments have been unable to find a solution to. Ramanji has also promised to create job opportunities for people.

"Kolar voters are very supportive and encouraging. They look at me beyond my disability", says Ramanji. "I hope I can lend them a helping hand soon. We want a country without red-tapism and one where people do not have to pay bribes to get their things done at government establishments. Politicians are treated like leaders where they control everything. We are servants of our citizens and are supposed to reach out to them every time they need us. That is what our party UPP also highlights.

Shivprasad S, Co-Founder, Divyang Myithiri and a close friend says Ramanji is truly committed to serving the people of his constituency.

"Since Ramanji was born and brought up in Kolar, he knows what the people in his constituency Kolar wants. He comes from a farmer family and has been working closely with farmers as well. I believe Ramanji is going to do great things for the people when he comes into power, says Shivprasad.

Win or lose, by standing for election, Ramanji has made a powerful statement about inclusion and his presence is a positive sign of the disabled community seeking a space in the country's political space.

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