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World’s largest plane takes off successfully

April 15, 2019

The world's largest airplane weighing nearly 2,26,800 kilograms with a 385 foot wingspan took its first flight on Saturday in Mojave in California. The plane was built by Stratolaunch, a company launched by Microsoft's late co-founder Paul Allen in 2011. The aircraft is designed to launch rockets into orbit from the air. It can can act as a flying launch pad for satellites. It has six engines and is a dual fuselage plane which can fly to an altitude up to 35,000 feet.

Congratulations to Stratolaunch. The company kept at it after founder Paul Allen's sudden death, and now the world's largest airplane has just flown for the first time-Nicholas Thompson, Journalist

Howard Hughes had introduced his airplane Spruce Goose in 1947. But it only took off once and then failed. This latest airplane was in the air for over two hours ensuring that it was made successfully.

"History made with the first flight of #Stratolaunch - I wish Paul Allen was here to see it. Congratulations to the @Stratolaunch who made this possible, tweeted Kellie Gerardi.

Evan Thomas, the pilot who flew the aircraft on Saturday said that it was a successful ride and was a fantastic experience as well.

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