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Some tips for people with disabilities to stay fit & healthy

Staying fit is important for a healthy mind and body. Exercises and physical activities play an important role in your fitness. Over the years, studies have proved how people who maintain a healthy lifestyle, good eating habits and proper exercise live longer. In the case of disabled people, working out can be challenging and different. But it is definitely possible.

We have thousands of people with disabilities in the field of sports who prove that staying fit is not impossible. Their rigorous practice, determination and will-power are what keeps them to move forward.

Undoubtedly, every person has to practice exercises that suit their body. They must identify and work on it and maybe can even get the help of a trainer. Apart from improved physical health, these work outs can ensure mental well-being as well. There are various things that an disabled person can follow to lead a happy life. One must understand that being disabled is not end of the tunnel.

Shubhajit Bhattacharya, based in Bengaluru is an avid marathoner and biker. In fact he is gearing up for a 3,000-kms bike ride from Bengaluru to Ladakh. Bhattacharya says that a disability is just in the mind.

There is nothing impossible for an amputee. If you want to do something, you can do it. God will ensure that you do it the right way. If others can do things, then why can't we? So if you want to do something to stay fit and healthy, go for it. Nothing must stop you. -Shubhajit Bhattacharya, Biker

Here are some tips for people with disabilities to stay healthy and fit

  • Get involved in outdoor activities and games. - There are many community activities that you can take part in. Sports clubs in our cities offer exclusive training programmes for amputees. Identify the sport that you love playing the most and look out for clubs that offer training. Make sure that you play the sport on a regular basis so that you remain fit and healthy.
  • Track your progress and gift yourself. - There are various mobile apps that help you to follow your daily fitness routine. When you work out, hit the gym or play your favourite sport, keep a track of the cardio that you do or calories that are shed. You can even go for a walk and keep a track of the kilometres that you have walked. You can even reward yourself with a treat once you hit your target.
  • Maintain calm and control. - When you are an amputee, everything might not be under your control. So do not feel frustrated and angry. Having a healthy mind is as important as staying physically fit. Face situations with grit and determination.
  • Look out for opportunities to grow- There are many opportunities that help you to interact with others and know yourself better. Do not miss any of those opportunities. Even though you might have restrictions, ensure to take part in group activities. Apart from self-growth, you can be instrumental in growth of other people as well.

"I hit the gym, do skipping and even play basketball every day. Being a basketball player, it is my duty to stay fit and healthy while representing my team. It takes a lot of practice and potential too. I believe that if you want to achieve something, you can easily achieve it., says Sakshi Chauhan, an amputee para basketball player.

Nothing is impossible, feels Sajesh Krishnan, Kerala's first blade runner provided you are dedicated. "If you are dedicated towards giving your fullest, then staying fit is not a difficult task. I ensure that I run every day and it helps me to stay physically and mentally fit. When you are an amputee, all your effort goes to just one leg and you have to give full pressure to that. If work outs are done scientifically, then amputees can stay fit without any hassles. Just develop your mind accordingly and remember that practice is what makes you perfect."

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