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Nothing comes in between Sakshi & her love for sports

Sakshi Chauhan is an all rounder in sports. This 22 year old who hails from Uttarakhand met with a bus accident when she was just 12 years old which left her an amputee. She lost her leg in the accident, but that did not stop Sakshi from following her passion for sports. This youngster is an international para basketball player and also excels in javelin and shot put as well. She loves participating in marathons and doesn't miss the chance to run when a marathon happens in her town.

Sakshi is currently pursuing her degree in Hindi and English from DAV College in Dehradun. Apart from studies, Sakshi does a part time job to support her education and meet expenses. She recently participated in a para basketball camp in Thailand and is excited when she talks about her love for sports.

Being an amputee is not end of the road. You can do everything that a person without a disability does. My family is my biggest supporters. I met with the accident when I was small and they had to compromise many things after the incident. Since we come from an economically backward family, there were many financial struggles. In spite of all that, my parents decided to leave our small town and move to a bigger place so that I can pursue my education-Sakshi Chauhan

Sakshi is currently supporting another amputee who comes from an economically backward family. She does not want to waste any minute and keeps looking out for things that she can do.

"I firmly believe that if you want to do something, then you can do it. Nothing has to stop you from doing it. Just have courage and work towards your goals. I have my friends and family who are very supportive and that is indeed a blessing to me. My parents have always told me that there is nothing that I cannot do. They are my biggest role models, says Sakshi.

This youngster hits the gym every day and also ensures to practice basketball daily without fail. Her gym instructor and friend Parmeet Singh says that Sakshi's grit and determination to stay fit and follow her love for sports has amused him.

"Sakshi's growth is an inspiration to everyone. She comes to the gym everyday and makes sure she doesn't miss any sessions. Not every person can do this. She does all this with passion and dedication. I feel proud to be a part of her life and watch her grow as each day passes, says Singh.

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