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A session on managing your own career for people with visual impairments

With the aim of empowering people with visual impairments with useful information, the BGFI-Blind Graduates Forum of India has been organizing sessions from time to time.

For people with visual impairments, professional life can be challenging, requiring them to make more efforts to get promotions and move upwards.

Understanding how that can be done can make a huge difference in lives of blind professionals and job seekers.

'Learning to manage your own career' is the title of the upcoming session that is being organised by BGFI in Mumbai. The session will answer some crucial questions related to the career and professional growth of people with visual impairments.

Many a time employees feel that they are not growing in the organization or they want to move to another job but are not sure how to go about it.

Some visually impaired people want to opt for higher education and are left in dark due to lack of correct guidance.

These decisions are crucial and need to be taken with proper planning and information both by students and professionals who are visually impaired.

Sadaf Khan is a private sector employee and works in the HR department, she shared her thoughts.

BGFI's last session was dedicated to the importance of STEM education right from school. Now we are focusing on an important topic of how to manage your own career. You need to know the steps that are involved gain maximum growth in the career you have chosen. In case, you are not satisfied with your growth, the switching from one career to another is an option that can be explored. Making proper decision and making the right move through the right guidance is crucial. Sadaf Khan, Executive member BGFI

The upcoming BGFI session will have some inspiring speakers from various fields. These are people who have struggled and worked hard to reach their dreams and aspirations despite the obstacles in their paths.

- Dr Kritika Purohit is the first visually impaired physiotherapist in the country.

- Apoorv Kulkarni is the Associate Director, Products and Accessibility at Ola Cabs. He has a Master's in Business Administration from the Prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business and is also a Chartered Accountant by training.

- Amit Jain is a post graduate from IIM Ahmedabad and is pursuing Ph.D. at IIM Calcutta in the field of diversity and inclusion.

"Gone are the days when a graduation assures us of a job for life. Our work environment is changing faster than ever. Continuous learning is the new normal towards a sustainable career in this changing environment. Let's learn to be the manager of our own careers. " Says Vishal Kumar Jain, Executive BGFI member

The speakers will help the participants understand the importance of planning in career and education. They will also impart some useful tips that can shed more light on the processes involved.

For more information about the session Click Here.

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