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Delhi-based Coloured Zebra uses theatre for holistic growth

The Coloured Zebra was started in the year 2007 with the aim of imparting appropriate training and help to children and adults with disabilities and disorders.

The organization based in New Delhi is the brainchild of a mother and daughter duo who wanted to bring about a positive change in lives of people with disabilities and their families by providing professional help in a holistic way.

Vandana Sehgal and her daughter Prerna Gupta are the inspiration behind The Coloured Zebra's tireless efforts in the field of special education, vocational and skill training.

The Coloured Zebra offers a wide range of services that make lives less challenging for children and adults with disabilities and disorders.

Many children have communication, interactive and social barriers due to their medical conditions and these have long lasting impacts on their lives as adults.

Working with The Coloured Zebra had been an amazing experience. There is so much to learn from these kids, some of them are highly intelligent and it's a pleasure training them. The TCZ team is very well experienced, with each member playing an equal role in grooming the kids. - Sucheta Malhotra, Educator

At the Coloured Zebra, children are encouraged to learn about useful skills such as interacting with peers, communicating, expressing their thoughts, being a part of a group, reading skills, understanding and lots more. This is done through various innovative methods and techniques that help build self-esteem and confidence in children and enable them to become part of the mainstream.

Meeting the requirements of the children as per their aptitude and understanding ensures holistic development. Various fun and extracurricular activities such as, dance, drama and art provide creative encouragement to the children and boost their own imaginative skills.

In words of Co-founder Prerna Gupta , The Coloured Zebra is a social impact Enterprise working for children and young adults with special needs. We aim at imparting the right skills set and training to these individuals to help them lead an independent life ahead. Our courses are aimed at enhancing social communication, comprehension, self-help skills and confidence level.

Theatre therapy has been found to have a very positive effect on children and their behavior. The creative outlet makes it easier for children to be a part of a group activity and realize their potentials.

Teaching life skills, computer training, special education are the other areas that are covered at the Coloured Zebra.

Sonia Bhardwaj is one happy parent who has seen very positive changes in her son with autism. She says "My son is more confident now and his communication skills have also improved after theatre classes.

The staff at Coloured Zebra understands the fact that all children are different and cannot learn at the same speed. This understanding provides a comfortable learning environment to the children and they grow at their own pace.

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