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Bollywood star Akshay Kumar interviews PM Modi

April 25, 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was recently interviewed by actor Akshay Kumar and few parts of the interaction have been made public.

The snippets of conversation between the two famous men are on various topics and the conversation seems to be done in a non-formal manner.

Here are some responses that Prime Minister Modi gave during the interview.

- PM Modi said that he never thought that he would one day become the Prime Minister as common people in the country never have such high aspirations.

- He also shared details of how a bank account was opened by him while in school and later he decided to give away savings of 21 lakh from the bank account to people in need after becoming the CM of Gujarat.

- PM Modi also said he does not get angry easily and tries to avoid negative emotions. There's a difference between anger and being strict, he said.

- He shared his trick for managing emotions. PM Modi said that when he feels overwhelmed, he writes down the feelings and self-analyses his thoughts.

- He also shared details of his relations with other politicians and said he regularly recives sends gifts every year from Mamata didi. "She still sends me one or two kurtas that she picks herself a year, he said. PM Modi also shared that Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad is a good friend and Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina sends him Bengali sweets times every year.

- While sharing a light moment with Akshay, PM Modi said that he follows Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna on social media. He said, From the way she targets me, I understand there must be peace in your family life. All her anger must have been spent on me, and so you must be feeling at peace.

- He said that he is inspired by the values of Mahatma Gandhi such as Cleanliness and it also helps in bringing more tourists to the India.

- PM Modi also said that he enjoys looking at the Twitter posts and funny memes on social media. He said, The biggest benefit of social media to me is that I can understand the common man's thoughts.

Akshay asked a lot of such questions to the Prime Minister about his life style. He tweeted "While the whole country is talking elections and politics, here's a breather. Privileged to have done this candid and COMPLETELY NON POLITICAL freewheeling conversation with our PM @narendramodi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi replied to his tweet, "Dear @akshaykumar, it was good talking to you about everything, except politics and elections :) I'm sure people would like watching our conversation.

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