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SoloWalk reaches out to people with cerebral palsy to move around with ease

Some people with cerebral palsy (CP) face difficulty in moving around easily. There are many devices that aim to help them overcome this. A new one called SoloWalk, developed by a group of researchers in Canada, shows much promise.

SoloWalk is a modified version of an assisted robotic walker, that promises to help the user be more independent.

Researchers say that there are many mobility options for children with CP but these reduce considerably in adulthood. Currently, there are two types of robotic walkers including treadmill-based and mobile devices available in the market. Treadmill-based ones help children walk around and mobile walkers are seen as an alternative. Compared to these devices, SoloWalk has more advantages.

Vinayana Khurana from Delhi, a youngster from Delhi with CP says SoloWalk could revolutionize the way people with CP live.

I feel SoloWalk is going to be awesome. This will help adults with CP to be more independent. They can now move around freely at social gatherings and this device can ultimately change their lives for good. But are the rates going to be reasonable and affordable for all? Even a person from a middle-class family who has CP must be able to afford SoloWalk-Vinayana Khurana, Student

When a person uses SoloWalk, it moves around with the person because it is a mobile device. This is truly one of the biggest advantages of the device. SoloWalk has already been tested on many people and is about to enter the Canadian market in a big way. Hopefully it will make its presence felt in India. Currently, SoloWalk is undergoing trials and tests. Researchers confirm that more modifications are also required. The team of researchers that consists of engineers, physiatrists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists are working on enhancing SoloWalk.

Salesh Deepak, a person with CP, works with a leading private firm in Chennai. Deepak finds the device exciting and one that opens new doors for people with CP.

"SoloWalk Technology is the need of the hour. Any device that helps nullify the lack of mobility is a great step for people with CP. But of course, there are certain limitations for this one too. But the pros of this device truly outweighs the cons, says Deepak.

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