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2 amputee football players start petition seeking financial help

India has made its mark in the para sports space by winning scores of medals at various international events.

Despite this, there are still hundreds of para sports enthusiasts and players who are not able to showcase their talents due to lack of financial support from the government and authorities.

Not only the para-sportspersons fight their physical challenges to move ahead, they also face the harsh realities of the system. A few lucky ones get the opportunity and support to make it to the competitions while others are either forced to crush their dreams and aspirations.

Amresh Kumar Singh and Nawab Khan are two amputee football players who are seeking help to make their dreams come true. They wish to travel to Nairobi in Kenya to be a part of the Confederation Cup 2019 that will be held from 16 May till 20 May.

Amresh Kumar Singh is from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh and Nawab Khan is from Rajasthan. Both lost their legs in accidents and have been braving the odds to survive. "I want to make the country proud and represent India at the international level. I have tried to ask for help from the government but have not received any support. I don't want to give up and will keep trying as it gives me a goal in life, says Amresh Kumar Singh, amputee football player. Apart from physical and mental struggles, these players have been facing severe financial strain due in lives due to the high cost of medical treatments and rehabilitations. They have started an online petition seeking donations from people who might want to lend financial support.

They are talented players and can do well if given the right opportunity and support. I hope that they get sponsors and take part in the international tournament. It will be great for the country too. Kishor A.M. President of para amputee Football Association

Taking up Para sports has made their lives better and they want to pursue their interest while representing the country and earning fame. The two players have not received any help from the government neither they have found a sponsorship that could help fund their trip.

Amputee football is not getting the much needed recognition in India and players have to struggle a lot. Hopefully they will get the support in time and keep up spirits.

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