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Give India membership for India on UNSC, says France

May 8, 2019

France's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Francois Delattre has said that India must get permanent membership on the United Nations Security Council. He added that nations like India, Germany, Brazil and Japan are "absolutely needed" as permanent members of a reformed and enlarged UN Security Council to reflect contemporary realities.

In terms of policy, France and Germany have strong policy which is to work together to enlarge the Security Council and to succeed in terms of the negotiations that should lead to the enlargement of the Security Council that we consider absolutely needed to better reflect the world as it is. There is no question about it. - Francois Delattre, French envoy to UN

Delattre emphasised that France considers that "Germany, Japan, India, Brazil and a fair representation of Africa in particular are absolutely needed at the table to get towards a fairer representation of the Security Council. This is for us a matter of priority."

India has been pushing for reform of the Security Council saying it rightly deserves a place at the UN high table as a permanent member.

India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin said that many member states support expansion. "In short, more than 90 per cent of the written submissions in the document are in favour of expansion in both categories of membership specified in the Charter," he had said.

Mr Akbaruddin had said that while reform at the UN is a matter of process, this has been rather slow. "In terms of inertia too, it has no peer. While the world is not what it was when we began the process, the objections to moving forward remain the same. While the global challenges of the 21st century have multiplied, we remain divided even about the process to adopt in order to move forward," he had said.

France has said that there is a need to make the organisation more effective and more representative of the current balances in the world.

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