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LOGOS Transformation aims to change the outlook of corporates towards people with disabilities

Even as a child Pramod Sharma showed strong interest in creative writing. He was looking for ways to improve his skills, and work on weak spots like grammar. He got the opportunity to do that with LOGOS Transformation.

A Delhi-based company, LOGOS Transformation offers a platform for people with disabilities who have an aptitude for writing to enhance their skills and find job opportunities in digital and print media companies. It was exactly what Pramod was looking for.

"I enjoy content writing as it gives me a feeling of dignity and a sense of contribution, says the 43-year-old who has cerebral palsy. "I am unable to work outside due to my physical limitations and inaccessible infrastructure. I looked for work-from-home opportunities, but that was frustrating because there were not many that could match my abilities.

Lack of opportunities, hostile infrastructure, inaccessible workplaces and stigma - these are barriers that people with disabilities routinely encounter in India when they seek opportunities to become economically independent.

Eureka moment

Samson James and Annie Theodore realized just how formidable those barriers can be during a personal interaction with a disabled couple. It also opened their eyes to the enormous potential in the community which was waiting to be tapped. They decided to put together their considerable experience in editorial/translation of print/digital media and corporate training to make a difference.

"It gave us an idea and encouragement that if trained and encouraged properly, this potential of the disabled community can be utilised in meaningful mainstream jobs, says Annie.

Together, they founded LOGOS Transformation to empower people with disabilities through workshops and skill-building training sessions.

Our goal is to train, develop and provide flexible livelihood opportunities to persons with disabilities so they can work being in their own environment. Presently, we are working among people with cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities and visual impairment. The skill training that we provide are: - content writing, customer care executive, translation, transcription, social media marketing and web advisory for inclusion. - Samson James, Co-founder, LOGOS Transformation

The challenges faced were many. Social stigma, which remains a major one, was just one. "We had to develop that confidence among them that they can work in more respectful ways and constantly encourage and push the people, adds Samson. Alongside, there was a need to build confidence in corporates to source more work to keep the pipeline strong and flowing.

23-year-old Kunal Goel, who joined the team recently, says the training at LOGOS will lead to better opportunities. "LOGOS had developed in me language, writing and communication skills and I hope to improve these skills so I can pursue a career in content writing".

Among the organizations LOGOS partners with is Saarathee, that aims to support clients with their business development and customer relationship needs and create an equal opportunity workplace that offers sustainable livelihood for people with disabilities.

"I was introduced to LOGOS via Kalyani Khona of Inclov, says Richa Bansal, Co-founder, Saarathee. "I seek training support from them for our employees and I like the fact that they take extra initiative in nurturing people in driving relevant content for their clients.

This sense of nurturing is what team member Charu Dev, values most. A freelance Hindi content writer and translator LOGOS has opened doors that this former government school librarian believed were firmly shut.

"I enjoyed my job as a school librarian for 22 years but after I retired, it was hard. In the private sector, no one wants to employ a person who is not a physically sound. These are the words, I used to hear at the time of interviews, recalls Charu. LOGOS has changed the course of her life. "They gave me training in English content writing and when I showed my inability to join them personally, they arrange for a Skype class just to accommodate me. They are in regular touch to keep me updated and have offered some projects too.

Charu describes LOGOS as a lighting lamp, a sentiment Pramod echoes. "They came out of their domain of imparting training to various individuals and corporate clients to show the way to others to be open and accessible to the disability sector, to work for their empowerment by creating employment options for them.

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