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Parenting Corner – Fun activities for vacations

Summer vacations are a time for fun and being free from books and homework. Children wait eagerly for this time of year when they don't have to wake up early for school.

The story is different for parents who try their best to let the children have a good time and stay safe. Children with disorders such as ADHD, autism, get bored easily and parents have to come up with ideas to keep them occupied and away from mischief.

It is important praise children and appreciate their efforts when they do some activity. This will keep them motivated to do more and increase their self-esteem. Playing puzzle based games will help them use their thinking power and improve problem solving skills. Rekha Verma, a parent.

Here are some activity ideas that can help children with disabilities and disorders have safe fun.

- Sensory activities such as playing with clay, playdough is fun, relaxing and also help in improving fine motor skills.

- Painting or coloring is also a fun activity for children and helps them use their creativity and imaginations. Make sure nontoxic colors are being used.

- Play acting is also a fun way to improve communication skills. Children learn a lot through imitation and coping others.

- There are several organizations that also organize summer camps for children with disabilities and disorders. Parents can enroll kids in such camps for fun and learning.

- Plan a day out with the children to your nearest library. This will motivate the children to know more about books and reading.

- Crafts activities at home can be super fun for children and parents alike.

- Children can also be enrolled in swimming classes or taken for swim by parents. Swimming is therapeutic and good for the body and mind.

- Sensory toys, building blocks, puzzles are great for some fun.

- Story telling is a fun activity and also helps in bonding with each other.

- Dancing together on their favourite songs can bring great joy to children.

- Organizing tea parties for their friends is also a great way to improve social skills.

Children should be encouraged by parents to try new things.

"Children can learn a lot through play and it also helps them socialize with others. Spending time with other children makes them happier. Children should be encouraged to play games that are safe and educative, says Kesar Khan, a Parent.


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