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What I want to tell my mother - NewzHook readers share their thoughts

We may not always agree with them, but no one can deny that our mothers occupy a special and unique place in our lives. They mould and shape us in ways that may not be instantly evident and influence our decisions in many ways.

On International Mother's Day, we asked some of our readers to share their messages for their moms.

Divya Sharma, Content writer, Naya Nangal, Punjab

On Mother's Day I want to say thank you to my mom Mrs Sushma Sharma. Raising a child with a vision impairment was not a cakewalk for my mom but she has always been there for me and been a role model. She has kept the positivity alive in me and I don't have words to express how special she is to me. She has always supported me, be it when it came to education, or karate, or anything else, like when I was low due to lack of writers or any other problem. Being a person with a vision impairment in India is not easy and you have fight and prove yourself every single time. I love her a lot and I want to wish my mom as well as all the moms a very Happy Mother's Day.

Zoyeb Zia, Assistant Professor, Chennai

I have a rare undiagnosed form of ataxia. A late onset and at the initial stage even the doctors were not clear about the issue. I myself couldn't understand what was happening to me or explain it to others. My mother though she couldn't understand it either, was amongst the first to realise there was some thing wrong, even when close family just called me lazy or clumsy.

She was the first to believe in me.

Those were the days I needed someone to really have calm and consoling talks with me and my mom was always there for me.

I do think that apart from everything you need that heart to heart talk every now and then, and no body better than mom for that.

I can confidently say that I am what I am today because of my mom.

Vinayana Khurana, Blogger, New Delhi

Mother Mother,

I'm Your daughter, Must have been a time, When I got you into trouble,

Dear mother, It's not easy to bore A daughter, In a country like India, Where daughters are killed,

Mother, You are so strong, I aspire to be like you,

That fearless lioness, That forges ahead, Saving her cubs,

Mother, Nobody can be like you, Soft heart with the Courageous soul,

Mother, It was you who believed in me, When nobody else did,

Mother, You taught me, To never give up,

Mother, You are everything,

Just be on my side, Smiling, On each achievement, Like you always do.

Mother, Don't worry, Just live,

Mother, You are a strength, You are everything, For me...

Wing Commander Shantanu, Para sportsperson, Pune

"As they say, God cannot be everywhere and so he made mothers!"

"I cannot agree more with this saying and have truly lived it. From childhood years to now, from naughty days to good ones, from the best times of my life to my toughest moments - my mother has always told by me, like a pillar, every so positive, ever so loving! She has been my friend, philosopher and guide and my partner in crime(s) too:) :) "

I would like to thank my mother for being the best one in the universe and wish her all the happiness in this world and more"!

Mahima Shah, Student, Bareilly

"My mother, Smita Shah is very caring. She is always with me and has always encouraged me. She is very confident about me. She always induces confidence in me as well and says that God is your confidence, that the bigger your confidence, the bigger your God is for you. I'm fortunate to have her as a mother and pray for her".

Dr Riitesh Sinha, Innovator

"My mother, Dr Pushpalata Rabindra Sinha, is a very very strong willed person. She's been a scholar throughout and parallelly, she has deep empathy for all living beings. Very kind hearted and gentle, extremely hard working and has immense faith in God. She is an amazing cook, and very passionate about nature preservation, organic farming since her early childhood. She has been a great follower of Bhagwad Gita - and I have always seen that copy with her - whether at home or travelling. She is very enterprising, and brave. Nothing ever came easy to her. "

"She lost her father when she was in Grade 5. But she managed to study under lamp posts and with scholarships. After I was born and she faced so many problems that no doctors could explain , she remained extremely patient with my progress, my studies, my negligible physical improvements, my daily chores etc. Till date she remains focussed on making me more independent than the previous day. She came up with innovative designs for my clothes so I could wear them myself - with zips and velcros since my early childhood. On her own, she is a very positive person and is my tiger mom with an extremely loving heart."


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