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Modi criticised over comment on Balakot strikes

May 13, 2019

On 26 February 2019, the Indian Air Force (IAF) planes crossed Pakistani border to attack the terror camp at Balakot, which reportedly killed hundreds of terrorists. The BJP led central government under Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a lot of praise in India and amongst international communities for heading the Balakot strikes. Recently, in an interview to a TV channel, Modi said that he thought the rain and clouds would prevent Pakistani radars from identifying the Indian jets. This statement has sparked controversy.

In the statement, Modi said that he had his doubts about carrying on with the air strikes. Experts also pointed out that the dates must be changed but Modi decided to go ahead with the strikes. He added that he thought the clouds would actually favour IAF and hence gave a nod to go ahead.

Many leaders took to social media to criticize Modi's decision and said that he had put national security at stake.

Modi's words are truly shameful. Most importantly, because they insult our Air Force as being ignorant and unprofessional. The fact that he is talking about all this is itself anti-national; no patriot would do this. National security is not something to be trifled with. Such an irresponsible statement from Modi is highly damaging. Somebody like this can't remain India's PM-Sitaram Yechury, Leader of Communist Party of India

Modi has not yet reacted to the criticisms against him.

"Southasian worries about India's armed forces compounds! Army claims Yeti sightings and doubles down in response to intl ridicule. Now PM Narendra Modi says he decided on Balakot attack after educating his Air Force commanders that radar cannot see through clouds. The Navy next?, tweeted Writer Kanak Mani Dixit


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