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India launches new spy satellite

May 23, 2019

Early Wednesday morning, India successfully launched a spy satellite which will keep a look out for military actions even during adverse weather and cloudy conditions. The satellite was launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) using its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

Hearty congratulations to the team @isro for achieving yet another milestone with the successful launch&textbook completion of stages to orbit India's advanced #RadarImagingSatelliteRISAT2B&give impetus to unhindered Military&Weather monitoring needs- Gaurav Shukla, Twitter User

The RISAT-2B spy satellite weighs 615 kgs and will have a clear view during day time, night or even bad weather. Dr K Sivan, Chief of ISRO said that this was a fantastic mission by the ISRO. He added that this new satellite will have special imaging capabilities and will take strips of images and mosaics of images as well. Vikram Processor, made in India, was also used for the making of spy satellite. This is indeed a great development for both Indian space and science departments. The RISAT-2B will be active for five years. ISRO has spent over a year developing this satellite.

Ahead of the election results that are going to come out today, launch of this new satellite has definitely given the central government a boost. Next time, a Balakot type air strike happens, Indian defence will be alerted immediately.

"Kudos to @isro India's robust 'spy satellite' RISAT 2B with all weather, day & night viewing capability, not get blinded by clouds placed in orbit. With 2 more in pipeline Pakistan will not be able to HIDE the truth of Balakot kind of air strikes. Space as a defensive tool!, tweeted Pallava Bagla.

"India is doing well in this sphere.Kudos to ISRO and GOI. They need to show same focus on making fighter aircraft etc at home and avoid import http://dependence.NO imports no scam and self reliance is the best way for any country, tweeted HR Viswanath.

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