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PM Modi's victory speech - Key Highlights

May 24, 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the people of India over the BJP's landslide win in the national elections, calling it a victory of democracy. At a rousing speech at the party headquarters on Thursday night, he made three promises - never to do anything with "ill intention", "never do anything to make a personal fortune" and "every pore, every cell in my body will work non-stop to ensure that the country keeps moving forward".

The BJP's performance in this election has gone past the tally of 2014, crossing the 300-mark just three hours into counting. In 2014, the party won 282 seats, the NDA had won 336.

The party's victory, said PM Modi, has created a new narrative and called upon all parties "to introspect". He targeted the caste-based politics practised in large parts if India and said, "There are only two castes left. These are... the poor. The second - those who remove poverty".

People are chanting Modi, Modi. But this is not a victory of Modi, it is the victory of people who are desperate for honesty in the system. It is not Modi's victory, but a win of people's hope and aspirations - Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Among the states to make a key difference is Uttar Pradesh, where caste plays a key role in politics. Here, the BJP has received a huge mandate for the second time in a row.

The PM also reached out to his rivals, urging everyone to put the taste of the bitter and often nasty campaign behind them. What's past is past, he said. "We have to move ahead. We have to take everyone with us, even our opponents. We have to work for the benefit of the country".

PM Modi also said, "You have filled this fakir's bag with a lot of hope. All your hopes, dreams, ambitions are dependent on it, he said. "This is the victory of toiling farmers who struggle to feed the nation, this is the victory of those who now live in proper houses, this is the victory of the middle class which follows the rules, pays taxes, but wondered if his taxes were being used for the benefit of the country".

He also made a reference to the BJP's rivals, who are seen as the secular counter to the party's Hindutva agenda. "The opposition did not dare to mislead the country while wearing the false mask of secularism. The opposition did not accuse us of raising prices. All previous elections were fought on corruption issues. This was the first one in which any political party could not level even one charge of corruption, he said.

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