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Video of candidate crying over 5 votes goes viral

May 25, 2019

The Lok Sabha elections are out and BJP has established their supremacy across India. There were many candidates who contested independently and faced huge defeat including actor Prakash Raj. The video of a candidate named Neetu Shutteran Wala seen crying his heart out, is doing the rounds on social media. The video has already gone viral. Shutteran Wala is seen crying saying that he got only five votes when there are nine members in his family alone. He is clearly upset over his own family betraying him.

Many social media users mocked Shutteran Wala for his plight. Many others questioned on why someone needs to be mocked for their failure, which clearly makes more sense.

A Candidate in PUNJAB cries after getting only 5 votes ,says their are 9 members in his own family. #BattleOf2019-Viru Saini, Twitter User

But reportedly, Shutteran Wala had got 856 votes according to the Election Commission of India's (ECI) website. Shutteran Wala had contested from Jalandhar in Punjab.

In the video, the reporter is seen asking him questions in Punjabi about his status in the elections. Shutteran Wala had a discomposed look from the beginning of the video. He soon breaks into tears talking about how his own family members betrayed him.

"Got only 5 votes, but has 9 members in his own family. Betrayed by family or EVM???, tweeted Suyash Mandal.

"If ever you feel you had a bad day, then think about this.. Punjab Candidate Cries After Getting Only 5 Votes, Says There Are 9 Members In his Own Family Reminder of the outcome of dynasty politics, tweeted Murali Narasimhan.

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