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Acceptance & understanding are two sides of the same coin - Guest column by Jasmina Khanna

Our guest columnist, systems analyst Jasmina Khanna, dwells on the behaviour traps that people with and without disabilities tend to fall into while interacting with each other.

Life in itself is a challenge for any human being. It is all the more difficult for a person with disability. Disability has its own set of challenges. Extra financial support to provide for special education, health care transportation, etc. is required across disability depending on the severity of the disability.

Since their dependency levels are more than others hence persons with disability are often considered to be a burden. Thus, there is a strain in the relationship with people around them. It is often seen that the behaviour of most family members can be indifferent towards the person with disability. It is very difficult for them to accept a person with disability.

Two way street

Oftentimes it has been observed that family members, especially parents, are either overprotective or abandon them completely. But they should accept a person with disability as they are. They are humans just like anyone else. Being disabled is not their fault. One's interaction with a person with disability should be circumspect and discreet as they have emotions and aspirations like others.

On the other hand persons with disability should be understanding and not expect that someone should be around to help them all the time. They should not take advantage of their limitations and ask for help for anything and everything. For example, if a person is physically or visually dependent on others, then he/she should try to become independent in other facets of life, be it financial or emotional.

One should not sink into self-pity. One can definitely reach out for help when needed. Asking for help is not a crime. Wherever necessary one should not hesitate to seek for help but one should strive to be as independent as possible. Never give up. Never be defeated.

It is an undeniable fact that it is extremely difficult to get employment or to set up a business venture for a person with disability. Nevertheless every individual is gifted with a skill or talent that can be nurtured. A person with disability or their near and dear ones should identify specific skillsets and appropriate training should be imparted to develop their skills to make them an expert in that area. This could become a passion and give their life a purpose. It could even become a source of income.

One should not get discouraged or discourage anyone. As long as there is life there is hope and possibility.

Acceptance and understanding are two sides of the same coin. If there is no understanding, acceptance gets difficult. Similarly, if there is no acceptance, understanding is not easy.

The article has also appeared in the blog Jas Talking Around. You can read it here - https://jastalkingaloudcom.wordpress.com/2019/05/31/acceptance-and-understanding/

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