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Churu, Rajasthan records highest temperature

June 3, 2019

Last Thursday, Delhi recorded 47.2 degree Celsius, the highest temperature since 2013. The capital city was gripped by intense heat affecting lakhs of people and animals. Churu in Rajasthan recorded the country's highest temperature of 50.8 degree Celsius on Sunday. According to weather reports, the temperature rose by over nine degrees than expected. Other parts of Rajasthan including Jaisalmer and Ganganagar also recorded temperatures above 46 degree Celsius.

Sad to read this ! All cities in India see a rise in temp , all thanks to rapid expansion of cities and cutting down of forests , we deserve to rot in heat-Shankar Raman, Twitter User

Reportedly, over thirty people have died across the state due to heat related problems. Last year, over 74 people were killed in the dastardly dust storm that swept through Rajasthan causing havoc across the state. Rajasthan is also grappled by the deadly swine flu that has affected more than 120 people across the state this year.

The Meteorological department has predicted heat waves over central and northern parts of India over the next few days. Chandigarh, New Delhi, Haryana and East Uttar Pradesh are also on high alert. Experts have also asked people in north and central India to stay hydrated during the harsh summer season.

Many people took to social media to express their anxiety over rising temperatures in Indian cities.

"Is Humankind hell-bent on bringing Hell on Earth? Need to reduce ecological pressure on the only habitable planet we have so far, tweeted Vikram Achreja. "Effects of climate change.. and global warming.. Its high time we care for the nature.. plant some trees in our neighborhood... otherwise.... things are not gonna be shiny and rosy in the near future, tweeted Shamsudeen C.

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