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Why the world adores Paavani & Clinton’s love story

Paavani Raag, a wheelchair user got married to Clinton Jagan in May this year. Find out why their wedding photos and videos are going viral on social media.

If I had a flower for every time, I thought of you, I could walk through my garden forever - Lord Alfred Tennyson.

These lines by the famous poet may have been written centuries ago but they aptly sum up a love that knows no boundaries. We are talking about Paavani Raag and Clinton Jagan, a bond of friendship, understanding and intense attraction. Wedding videos of the couple, who wed in May this year, is getting plenty of attention on social media.

Paavani, a wheelchair user is Sri Lankan by birth, and lives in London where she works with an event management company. She asked a friend in Bengaluru to recommend a graphic designer for one of her projects. That friend unknowingly played Cupid, and introduced her to Clinton, who lives in Kerala and works as a graphic designer.

They found themselves calling each other even after work hours and connected through social media. The bond of friendship became something else and they dated for over two years before tying the knot on 23 May.

We used to share our dreams and aspirations and realised that we had a lot of things in common. Over time, our bond just got stronger. We met up at Dubai two years back. Things clicked instantly. Eventually we told our families and both sides met in Dubai. My parents were worried initially but they all got along so well that the different religions and countries did not matter. - Paavani Raag

The couple got married at a formal function at the famous Guruvayoor temple in Kerala and are now honeymooning in Thailand. They will be based in Dubai where Clinton has a job. "Eventually we want to move back to London. That is where I was brought up and where my family lives, says Paavani.

Paavani has arthrogryposis, a a condition that affects the joints. She started using a wheelchair as a child and given her disability had given up on meeting the man of her dreams.

"I thought I wouldn't find someone who can fully understand me. Spending your entire life with someone who has a disability is not easy. It brings a lot of challenges with it, she says. Last year, the couple traveled across India, visiting 18 cities in 20 days.

"I believe anything can be achieved with love. A disabled person does not have to push themselves to find someone. It happens at the right time. Be yourself and do not mask or hide aspects of your disability. Boldly embrace your challenges, she says.

Clinton too is full of excitement about their future and says her disability was never a concern for him. "I always knew that she had a disability, but she never knew that I was aware. One day she told me that she wants to tell me something and I told her I knew it. Paavani has accepted me for what I am. The way she looks at life has inspired me, and I cannot stop falling in love with her.

The couple plan to travel widely, meet new people and enjoy life to the fullest. Holding hands together, they are set to explore a whole new world.

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