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Centre issues advisory on heat waves

June 5, 2019

The country is facing some very strong heat waves and people are falling sick due to soaring temperatures.

In the last few days temperatures in places such as Rajasthan have gone up to 50.8 degree Celsius while Delhi recorded 47.2 degree Celsius, the highest temperature since 2013.

The Health Ministry has issued an advisory to people as temperatures are expected to remain high with heat waves at many places.

As per the advisory people should take some precautions to avoid getting sick due to heat wave. Here are some points mentioned by the Health Ministry.

- Alcohol, tea, coffee, carbonated soft drinks should be avoided for health reasons during the hot season.

- People have also been advised to avoid going out between 12 noon to 3 pm and to stay away from over exposure from sun.

- Umbrella, cap, scarf or towel should be used while going out to cover head.

- Plenty of fluid should be consumed to keep the body hydrated.

- Fruits such as water melon, cucumber, lemon, orange, and drinks like lassi, lemon water, fruit juice, ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) have been recommended.

- To keep body temperature low, frequent baths should be taken.

- Heavy curtains on windows, fan, cooler and air conditioners to be used to keep the indoors cool.

Here are some responses from social media users about the heat.

Rajesh Pantulatweeted,"‏ Cut all the trees, burn coal, burn stubble, pollute water bodies and then wonder why there is heatstroke and water shortage."

"Hopefully it's nothing, the disaster is coming ahead.. act soon.. nature need trees and birds.. spread the word.. think about it.. this is our world, our planet.. the point is save trees save nature save lives.. #Nature #globalwarming #life #everything, tweeted Agnish‏

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