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More deaths due to encephalitis in Bihar

June 17, 2019

Death toll from Acute Encephalitis Syndrome which had gripped the state earlier this month, has risen to 70. The government is stepping up to control the situation. Many reports stated Lychee fruit was the prime reason behind young children dying from Encephalitis. Experts point out death toll can rise in days to come.

Deeply disturbing news coming from Bihar. 73 children have lost their lives in Muzaffarpur due to Encephalitis outbreak. Over 130 children were hospitalised. Families cry for help in the absence of medical care in the State. Is anybody listening?-Marya Shakil, Journalist

North India is grappling with high temperatures and Bihar is one of the worst-hit states. Over 40 people died in Bihar due to heat wave. Most of the deaths were reported from cities like Gaya, Newada and Aurangabad. Doctors who are treating the victims said that most of them are dying due to high body temperatures and fever. While twenty people died in Aurangabad, twelve deaths were reported from Gaya. With temperatures rising above 40 degree Celsius in Bihar, the government is taking steps to ensure that people are safe in the state.

Earlier this week, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had said that there is a lack of awareness about the disease Encephalitis in the state. "This is indeed a bad news. I hope we find a solution to this AES problem. My heart mourns for the children and is with the parents, tweeted Anirudha Singh.

"69 children died due to Encephalitis fever in Muzaffarpur Bihar but Bihar's health minister says Govt is not responsible for the death of kids but "destiny and weather is responsible" No one will outrage against such shameless ministers,NO TV Debate,NO Hashtag for those kids?, tweeted MD Asif Khan.

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