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Sustainable, eco-friendly vocational training for disabled adults, the Aarambh way

Trupti Patil's Aarambh Special School aims to provide sustainable and eco-friendly vocational training for adults with disabilities in and around Pune.

For Trupti Patil, who worked along with children with disabilities for over a decade, starting something of her own was a dream she cherished for long. That is how Aarambh Special School was founded in 2015 in Pune. Patil was working as a Principal of Asha school for children with disabilities where she reached out to thousands of youngsters with disabilities. That is where she realised that children with disabilities are left in the dark after they cross 18 years of age. There are only a handful of vocational training centres and institutes that helps to empower these youngsters. Patil decided to step up and do her bit through Aarambh.

Almost three years old, Aarambh has already empowered close to hundred kids in and around Pune. The main motto of Aarambh is to facilitate vocational training through sustainable and eco-friendly methods to protect the environment. One of the methods that they adopt is recycling temple flowers. Members of Aarambh collect thrown and worn out flowers at nearby temples to make compost and other products.

When I started Aarambh, I was sure of making the centre environment friendly. Our students are made to become independent and self-reliant by giving back to environment. This is more like a give and take process with the environment which is inevitable in our world today. While working as a principal, I noticed that there are hundreds of special schools that teach children with disabilities. But once they complete 18 years of age, there is nothing substantial that they can do. We have young kids at Aarambh. But our primary focus is to provide vocational training to adults with disabilities-Trupti Patil, Founder, Aarambh.

Patil completed her under graduation and post-graduation in special education. Currently, children from five years of age up to adults who are 18 years are a part of Aarambh. There are over 15 students at the centre. They provide special education to children and adults are provided focus on vocational training. "I'am glad that I started Aarambh and I have been getting good responses till date. We also have a few kind-hearted sponsors who are stepping in to make our venture more successful, says Patil.

Since she believes that all good and quality things come with a price, students at Aarambh are charged an amount for the services provided to them. But Patil also ensures that if someone from an economically backward family joins Aarambh, they are provided free education.

Patil has plans to expand Aarambh and accommodate more youngsters for their training sessions. Aarambh also aims to reach out to a wider audience by creating awareness sessions in schools and colleges too. Youngsters who are visually impaired and those with multiple disabilities, autism and Down syndrome are part of Aarambh.

Neena Rajiv Dutta's 21 year old with multiple disabilities is an integral part of Aarambh since last one year. "As a mother, I was worried about what my son is going to do as an adult. There are very few institutes that reach out to adults with disabilities. I'am glad that Trupti Patil started Aarambh. Now, my son does paper cuttings and is learning to make new thingsand hopefully, will start doing it on his own soon. What makes this venture even more beautiful is that they are working on a sustainable and eco-friendly way, says Dutta.

If you are interested to know more about the centre, call +91 9096548295.

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