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Best friends Mary Vincy & Mary Jiya shares their success mantras

Mary Vincy and Mary Jiya are close friends who have beaten the challenges of cerebral palsy to become writers and computer trainers. The duo shares their inspiring and motivating journey.

From a young age, Mary Vincy had going to different places by herself. As a person with cerebral palsy, the prospect of driving herself around seemed remote. With both her speech and mobility affected, people around Vincy did not encourage her either.

A few months ago, Vincy decided to ignore those voices and start driving around. Her partner was best friend Mary Jiya, who is like her, is a teacher at the Raksha School in Kochi. Together, the two women have an inspiring story to share.

Vincy, who also studied at Raksha School, says she was bedridden and unable to move until she received the love and support of the staff and teachers at the school. Vincy works at the computer department. of Raksha where young students with disabilities are given basic training.

Since I was bedridden, my father had to carry me around everywhere. But I underwent physiotherapy and over the years, I was able to walk and do things independently. I never used to talk to anyone due to speech problems. Even that changed a lot over the years. My family comprising of my parents and brother has always been supportive of me. I love writing poems and stories too. Even though I wanted to do higher studies, I never got an opportunity. I hope I can attend a regular college and pursue a course that I love. - Mary Vincy, Teacher

Vincy drives around in her customised car and loves to explore new routes. "Sometimes I take my mother out. We go for short drives. I never thought it would be possible, she smiles.What unites Vincy and her best friend Mary Jiya are the things they love in common like poetry and books. Jiya, who joined Raksha School at the age of two, now works here as a vocational trainer. She is also a trained singer.

"Raksha made me what I am today. The teachers here recognised my talents and knows what I love doing best. I have published some poems in magazines here. I hope to make it big in the music industry. My parents are very supportive and they have stood with me throughout my journey, says Jiya. This youngster does not miss an opportunity to participate in any music competitions and events. She has appeared in TV shows as well.

Jiya does not want her disability to stop her from reaching for the stars. "Never lose hope in life. Do what you love doing and excel yourself in it through rigorous practice, says Jiya.

Both Jiya and Vincy who have known each other since childhood, is helping each other to grow. The immense support of their families and teachers at Raksha helps them a lot.

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