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Nandavanam centre is changing lives of disabled kids with a blend of tradition & compassion

For children with developmental issues and learning difficulties, an approach of love, compassion and understanding makes a critical difference. A centre in Chennai is showing the way.

Nandavanam - Center of Excellence for Children with Developmental Challenges provides a healing and education-rich environment to children with disabilities and learning difficulties. A CSR initiative of Newgen Knowledge Works, the mentor here Dr. Veera Panch uses an humane approach.

I do not believe on focusing only on one area when it comes to healing of children with disabilities. They need to be provided with all round care, treatment and support that can help their minds and bodies to grow and learn to cope with their surroundings. Nature is the best healer and using the natural resources for providing nutrition and physical activity has shown amazingly positive result on children. - Dr Veera Panch, Mentor, Nandavanam - Centre of Excellence for Children with Developmental Challenges

Located in Neelankarai, in south Chennai, there is an abundance of natural resources around the centre that are used for the children's development. The main services offered here are:

  • A knowledge center that focuses on educational needs of children with learning-related problems. The center provide practical help to parents, caregivers and teachers.
  • A day care centre
  • Training centre where caregivers and educators are introduced to the developmental and learning disorders affecting children.

Mahalakshmi's son joined the center a year ago and says the teaching here has made quite a difference. "When he joined, he had poor muscle tone, was overactive and not sleep well. Walking barefoot on the beach twice a day has helped improve his muscle tone and he is settling down with his behavioural issues as well".

Children are encouraged to spend time outdoors and are taken for regular bare foot walks at the beach. The contact with the outside world and nature has boosted not just the learning ability but physical health as well.

GET IN TOUCH: Click http://www.nandavanam.co. Email to: nandavanam@newgen.co or call: +91- 4424494510, +91- 9940638910

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